One might think that an ideal transsexual community requires bars and night clubs where transsexuals are accepted. The needs of transsexual individuals go much deeper. An ideal community provides legal rights, general social acceptance, access to healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and therapists who are skilled with the transsexual community. 

San Francisco, Calif., the home of the Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative, is high on the list of best communities for transsexuals. They emphasize economic stability and equality for those who identify as transsexual, and support for individuals and families. 

The state of California also has anti-discrimination laws protecting transsexual individuals. These laws help reduce hate crimes and promote access to health care. 

Burlington, Vt., also has many avenues to advocate transsexuals. The Pride Center of Vermont provides many resources, including health care and support groups. Outright Vermont also provides support groups, mental health resources, health care, and educational resources for adults and children. The Community Health Center of Burlington offers a Transgender Health Clinic. 

Vermont also has statewide laws banning discrimination against transsexuals. 

Oregon has many organizations across the state that provide resources to and advocate for transsexuals. The state recently passed a health care bill that provides some of the cost of gender reassignment surgery, and last year the state outlawed “conversion therapy” for those in the LGBT community. 

In Bend, Ore., the Mountain View High School Gay Straight Alliance petitioned successfully for a non-gendered bathroom on campus. The organization, Basic Rights Oregon, works out of Portland to promote equality for the LGBT community

While these communities work to promote transsexual rights and equality, there are some communities that seek to reverse recent legal strides toward transsexual equality. Houston, Texas, for example, recently repealed an anti-discrimination ordinance intended to prevent bias on the basis of sexuality, gender, race, and more.  

The state of North Carolina also recently passed a law prohibiting local governments from enacting anti-discrimination laws. The law has faced significant controversy, as many major organizations and corporations are urging North Carolina to repeal the law. 

In contrast to North Carolina, Georgia’s Gov. Nathan Deal recently rejected a bill that would allow faith-based groups to discriminate on the basis of sexuality. Many large organizations, including Disney and the NFL, threatened to withdraw business from the state of Georgia if Gov. Deal signed the bill. 

The examples of North Carolina and Georgia demonstrate the power and sway of major businesses in the U.S. If a large company threatens to withdraw business, the state may face a tremendous financial blow. 

Many large cities in the U.S. have therapists who specialize in transsexual transitions and psychological care. These include Atlanta, Ga., Chicago, Ill., and New York City, N.Y. 

Many such therapists also provide services via phone or through online mediums, such as Skype. Those who live in smaller or more stigmatized communities may be able to access psychological support through the Internet. 

Large cities, particularly on the West Coast and in New England, usually prove to be the most supportive transsexual communities. Many strongholds still fight against transsexual individuals, such as the city of Houston and the state of North Carolina. 

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